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James F. Richardson, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, USN

Robert_B_Riell a-Robert_B_Riell-1a
Robert B. Riell, Lieutenant, USN

a-Cadwalader_Ringgold-1a Cadwalader_Ringgold
Cadwalader Ringgold, Commodore, USN

l-C_R_Perry_Rodgers-1 C_R_Perry_Rodgers a-C_R_Perry_Rodgers-1a a-C_R_Perry_Rodgers-2a
Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers, Commander, USN

John Rodgers, Commodore, USN

Stephen_C_Rowan-1 Stephen_C_Rowan-2 a-Stephen_C_Rowan-1a
Stephen Clegg Rowan, Commodore, USN

William G. Saltonstall, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Commander, USN

Benjamin_F_Sands Benjamin_F_Sands-2
Benjamin Franklin Sands, Captain, USN

Thomas Oliver Selfridge, Commodore, USN

n-Raphael_Semmes-1 n-Raphael_Semmes-2 n-Raphael_Semmes-3 n-Raphael_Semmes-4 n-Raphael_Semmes-5 n-Raphael_Semmes-6
Raphael Semmes, Rear Admiral, CSN

William_H_Shock-1 William_H_Shock-2 William_H_Shock-3 William_H_Shock-4
William Henry Shock, Chief Engineer, USN

l-William_B_Shubrick-1 William_B_Shubrick-a1 William_B_Shubrick-a2 William_B_Shubrick-b1 William_B_Shubrick-b2
William B. Shubrick, Rear Admiral, USN

Robert_W_Shufeldt-1 Robert_W_Shufeldt-2 Robert_W_Shufeldt-3 Robert_W_Shufeldt-4
Robert Wilson Shufeldt, Commander, USN

Charles Carroll Simms, First Lieutenant, CSN
Shown in USN uniform ca. 1860-61.

Arthur Sinclair IV, First Lieutenant, CSN
Also known as Arthur Sinclair, Jr.

l-Joseph_Smith-1 Joseph_Smith-2 Joseph_Smith-3 Joseph_Smith-b1
Joseph Smith, Rear Admiral, USN

n-Joseph_B_Smith-1 n-Joseph_B_Smith-2 n-Joseph_B_Smith-3
Joseph B. Smith, Lieutenant, USN

Melancton Smith, Captain, USN

Charles Stewart, Rear Admiral, USN

Alban C. Stimers, Chief Engineer, USN

Silas Horton Stringham, Rear Admiral, USN

n-Josiah_Tattnall-1 n-Josiah_Tattnall-2
Josiah Tattnall, Captain, CSN

n-William_R_Taylor-1 n-William_R_Taylor-2
William Rogers Taylor, Captain, USN

Stephen D. Trenchard, Commander, USN

n-John_R_Tucker-1 n-John_R_Tucker-2
John Randolph Tucker, Captain, CSN

File names are coded to indicate the sources of the uncropped pictures:

     File names with "n-" prefix ("n-Sudley_P_Buzzard-1.jpg"):  Naval Historical Center
     File names with "l-" prefix ("l-Sudley_P_Buzzard-1.jpg"):  American Memory Collection, Library of Congress
     File names with "a-" prefix ("a-Sudley_P_Buzzard-1.jpg"):  National Archives
     File names with no prefix ("Sudley_P_Buzzard-1.jpg"):  Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

See the NAQ file for further information about the sources.